Peridot Global Line Consult

Peridot Global Line Consult is a top-notch management and capacity building consulting firm that offers support services to interested stakeholders in the field of education through out-of-the-box training, counseling and workshops towards achieving excellence. As a concerned indigenous corporate organization desirous of promoting professionalism, innovation and excellence, the consult initiated Teachers’ Professional Connect (TPC) to provide a platform for collaboration and purposeful engagement amongst all stakeholders towards qualitative education in Nigeria.

Who We Are

We are a team of seasoned and well-trained educators and training professionals who believe in the power of ingenuity in promoting excellence through capacity development. We are fully committed to people development, growth and empowerment by leveraging on our core values in delivering distinct services to our clients through the ideals of deep-thinking and fresh insights.

What We Do

Through our full spectrum of services, we support our clients to work more effectively, improve their skills and achieve better results in their chosen fields. In synopsis, we promote your brand. Our services include but not limited to: • School Support Services • Training • Consulting • Counselling • Teachers’ Professional Connect (a bi-annual conference) • Students Career Guidance Programme


We are Professional!
We are Innovative!
We are driven by Excellence!
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